Why Mediterranean International Sportfishing Tournament?

It will be a matter of prestige to take part in Mediterranean International Sportfishing Tournament for the sport fishing fans in our country.

The lovers of nature and sea involve in such a contest excitement with a desire of change and adventure.


Nature and adventure addicts from all sections of the society participate in sport fishing tournaments. Many of the participants are top level business people and mostly people who know each other. This community of participants is increasingly expanding and the contest placements are rapidly getting full.


Bodrum is the most attention drawing place of Turkey in terms of destination. Gökova and Güllük Gulfs are the pearls of Aegean Sea.


We are organising a contest that meets the wishes and desires of all of the participants and that will make tremendous impressions both in the country and abroad. We can say that it is the final game or Grand Slam of sport fishing competitions...


Target Audience?


The target audience comprises nature and adventure addicts and the leading business people or private company managers of Turkey.


Our objective is to bring the top level sport fishers and business people who are fans of this sport together and make them live an adventure and final that they will longingly wait every year.